Design Excellence

Symbion Expertise

We serve those who desire to create spaces in which their lifestyles and livelihoods can thrive, all the while embracing and adding value to Africa’s landscape. No longer is African architecture solely about functionality and profitability. We believe it is about an emerging consciousness of a continent on the brink of lasting change in a globalized economy.

Guided by the principles of integrity, people, innovation, collaboration and excellence, we are committed in developing architecture that not only pays homage to its context but also truly celebrates who our clients are.


Architecture is sometimes described as the art of possibilities. We see it as the art of creating environments that foster human life and needs, our shared environment and civilization in general. Testing the limits of what is technically and economically feasible has enticed architects, engineers and developers since the beginning of time.

Interior Design

In response to and coordinated with the building’s shell and social context, creative and technical solutions are applied within the interior environment. The resulting spaces are functional, aesthetically attractive and enhance inhabitants’ quality of life.

Project Management

Over several decades of experience we have developed world-class project management systems. Applying these systems to projects that include complex scale and design, our in-house team have proven their ability to achieve at unrivalled success levels.

Urban Planning

Our approach to urban planning keeps economic viability, social and environmental responsiveness at the forefront of all our projects. In collaboration with our associates, clients and stakeholders, we set development consensus and goals to ensure successful project completion, balancing the built and natural environment.


We are a leading-multinational architectural firm operating in sub-Saharan Africa.

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