The Kenyan Ambassador to Uganda, H.E Kiema Kilonzo, accompanied by officials from the Kenyan High Commission, Bata Shoe Company Uganda Limited, Grain Bulk Handlers (U) Ltd., Riders Uganda Ltd., Symbion Uganda Ltd., and NC bank visited orphans and rescued street children of Masulita Children’s Village in Wakiso District bearing Christmas gifts.

Donations to the orphans included; shoes, maize flour, wheat flour, oil, rice, washing soap, sugar, bread, balls, beans, soya beans and soya flour.

The children’s Village is run by Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans [UWESO], an organization that is headed by Ugandan First Lady Janet Kataaha Museveni. Masulita Children’s Villlage has served approximately 1.4 million children in three decades. It is dedicated to helping children in need, finding homes for orphans and rehabilitating troubled children.

In addition to the generosity of its benefactors, Masulita children’s village is able to generate income from its greenhouse, dairy farm, piggery, poultry farm, maize mill etc. The village has also opened a vocational school to provide practical training to individuals in the community.