Bugolobi Village Mall
2013 - Kampala, Uganda

Bugolobi Village Mall

The building is of 10,000 sqm net retail space on 3 levels, and 1 basement parking. As a shopping centre that has become a landmark in the city, The Village mall situated in Bugolobi is easily accessible and located at the junction of Luthuli Avenue and Spring road. Illuminated signage on the building exterior and concealed lighting can be viewed at a distance while approaching the mall. The building design is characteristically Tuscan inspired, with rustic colour tones, multi-level roofs, arch ways, narrow windows and simple forms. Provision of three entrances/exits resolved the issue of congestion in a high traffic area. Lettable retail space includes a supermarket, and large food court on the first floor. A modern glass elevator provides a view of the central courtyard. With approximately 200 parking slots for patrons and tenants, the mall comfortably accommodates a large number of shoppers and diners.

Project Details

  • Year Commissioned 2009
  • Year Completed 2013
  • Gross Area 18,000 sqm
  • Location Kampala, Uganda