Bukerere Satellite City
2017 - Mukono, Uganda

Bukerere Satellite City

Shelter Afrique in partnership with the National Housing and Construction Company of Uganda have proposed a satellite city in Bukerere Mukono district about 22km from the CBD of Kampala City. In response to the housing demands in the capital city, the client intended a self-sufficient residential city with over 3,000 units, the first of its kind in Uganda. The masterplan was concluded in 5 phases and an array of apt amenities and attractions such as modern retail complexes, a daily market, a leisure golf course, clubhouses, religious, healthcare and educational facilities, as well as ecological water systems are all made available to the community. The 638 units of Phase 1 are conceived to anchor the project to the nearby commercial centre of Kitukutwe and will serve as a commercial gateway to the surrounding neighbourhoods. On entrance over a domestic bridge, one is welcomed into a spacious piazza well past a line of flame trees that conserve the swamp, cafes, the main market, bus park and retail hub.

Project Details

  • Year Commissioned 2015
  • Year Completed 2017
  • Gross Area 350 acres
  • Location Mukono, Uganda