Lotis Towers
2019 - Kampala, Uganda

Lotis Towers

The development is a 14 storey building, with 11 office levels , 2 basement parking levels and overhang terraces situated on an uphill slope. The design is a modern office facility with naturally lit and contemporary corporate environments, a generous lobby, spacious penthouse floor, and an enhanced landscape. It also takes into account positioning of all key services required for the building. The triangular shape of the site informed the overall form of the scheme which resulted in an angled floor layout. The main façade is louvered to intersect the western sun due to the building’s east-west orientation. A floating canopy will demarcate the entrance into a splendid reception lobby, and on the adjacent side a second access point leads into the restaurant and terrace space. The outer shell is a combination of aluminium panels, clear glass and stainless steel details.

Project Details

  • Year Commissioned 2017
  • Year Completed 2019
  • Gross Area 11,500 sqm
  • Location Kampala, Uganda