Master Plan Of Kibada Satelite City
2016 - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Master Plan Of Kibada Satelite City

Uvumba Satellite city is a forward looking city that covers a generous area to be developed in 4 phases with low, medium and high density residential zones. Provision has been made for contemporary mixed use apartments, urban commercial and institutional facilities, as well as light industry, hospitality and open green zones. The design is centered on creating a simple and elegant urban environment whose forms echo the coastal architecture but juxtaposed with a wild, indigenous and raw landscape. The design philosophy is anchored on the use of high quality materials to enhance appearance and minimize long term maintenance while providing a wide variety of spaces to respond to the needs of the residents by allowing flexibility and choice. Conscious climatic responses that include an abundance of shade, advanced storm water management and efficient water use add life and interest to the project.

Project Details

  • Year Commissioned 2013
  • Year Completed 2016
  • Gross Area 200 acres
  • Location Dar es Salaam, Tanzania