Oshwal Community Centre
2002 - Nairobi, Kenya,

Oshwal Community Centre

The facility is a multi-purpose centre for the Visa Oshwal Community in Nairobi. It is said that where there is a society there has to be religion and where there is religion there shall be a society! The shinning history of Jain religious progress started with the building of a “Ghar Derasar”at the Jain Shala Road in the year 1957. The multi-purpose centre for the Visa Oshwal Community in Nairobi caters for weddings, exhibitions, large conferences, smaller seminars, religious and cultural festivals and events, theatrical functions and music recitals. The spatial planning was carried out to enable different functions to take place simultaneously. Detailed studies of the Jain culture, religion, architecture and symbolic elements were carried out by the architects and are integrated in the interior and exterior decorations, windows and door openings, wall panelling and floor finishes.

Project Details

  • Year Commissioned -
  • Year Completed 2002
  • Gross Area 8,750 sqm
  • Location Nairobi, Kenya,